Thursday, March 4, 2010


“Do you know where your children are?”

This is a line from a movie I saw recently. This question brought back some memories of growing up. Things were not so complicated back then. Family members really had time for each other. The economy was better and our parents especially the mothers did not have to be away from home for too long. That was then.

Fast forward to about twenty five years later. Change has to occur. We all have to cope with these changes and adjust our lives accordingly. A better job with more money might translate to longer working hours. Away from home. Away from the children. Those hours in between the mornings when you leave home and the evenings when everyone reconvenes, do you know what your children have done? Do you know where they have been? Do you know what experiences they must have had?

We cannot be everywhere, every time with them. We can only pray that God watches over them in and out of our presence. It is important that we look out for little things. Very important things. Know your children’s schedule. Be familiar with their friends. Watch the movies that they watch. Approve or disapprove of clothes that they wear. Ask them how their day was. How many of us have children in the university and we do not know where they lay their heads at night? Which hostel is your daughter in? What does your ten year old son watch on television? What kind of books are your teenagers reading? What kind of extra moral classes do your kids attend? Who screens what they have access to on the internet? What are they doing with their mobile phones?

How many of us can authoritatively say we know where our children are 70% of the time? Remember you are accountable. When a child turns out right, everyone praises the parents. They also bear the brunt of unruly behaviour of their children. You might not have enough time to spend with them daily, but when you do, observe, listen and learn. Certain things might be going wrong under your nose. Correct them while you still can.

Remember children are gifts from the Lord. He will ask you what you have done with yours. Enjoy your family life.