Monday, December 5, 2011

F O R G I V E , . .

I do not have an issue with Forgivness.
Or so I thought.

Little did I know that I had  simply not loved enough
Or probably not been really hurt by someone dear.

Now I need to consider that word and simply act it out.
On a scale, the hurt weighs so much...more.

But..for this hurt,
I will forgive.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What surrounds you?

It is common knowledge that the people you surround yourself with often reflects in the way you see and live your life. I have understood that better in the past few years.

I have friends. I think I have made more friends in the past few years.I have some major influences in my life.There is a special friend  who tells me the truth, even though it hurts me and we probably will not exchange words for a few days till I cool off! There is one who knows my dream and gives me the opportunity to express it even if she has to come to me to do that! Some make me smile. Others make me think. Some make me go on my knees. Some make me work. Some just want to talk! A senior friend has taught me how important physical presentation is. I know I started dressing up better after I met her.She also hates mediocrity. I appreciate what I have because of some. I have taken a leap of faith with some.

I hear lifting words week after week where I worship. These days I see things differently. I have a green mentality. I now know what is important. Very different from what is urgent. I now view serving differently. Now, I am glad to go to God's house. I am also answerable to certain people there.I do not like it sometimes but it puts me in check!

This is me. What surrounds you?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life.....this week

I have experienced different kinds of emotions this week.
It is just Wednesday and so much has happened.
I remember looking at pictures of the earthquake in 
New Zealand on Monday and thinking... are things ever
going to be the same in the world?

Whenever you hear that a person has passed on,
what comes to your mind? The loved ones left behinde?
The emptiness of the space the person once occupied?
For that person, a chapter has ended.
Another has began.

Its so easy to get carried away with self.
Pause for a moment and catch up with the lives of others.
Help the other in what ever way you can.Conquer greed.
Share your blessings. Certain things will not matter after now.
This is life this week.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is This Me?

  • I stylishly drop an item of trash on the floor.
  • I cannot resist a glance at my reflection in a glass.
  • I daydream during church sermons.
  • I meet someone for the first time and I do a quick scan;clothes, bags, shoes.Check!
  • I constantly imagine myself sitting in my boss's chair.
  • I pay my tithes after deducting my expenses.
  • I know its over... but I do not want to move on.
  • I do not feel beautiful.
  • I look at someone's spouse and "wish you were mine"
  • I am haunted by babies I wish I had.
  • I always look at the clock.
  • I am not making eternal investments.
  • I think it is too late.
  • I never take a risk.
  • I am living a false life. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Madam Mariama

The woman greeted me on the phone in the native yoruba language.
It was a strange number and I did not know w ho it was.
Then she introduced herself. I had her number on my other phone.
Some weeks ago, the workers in my church had gone on evangelism
close to our church vicinity.
I had spoken to a woman who was washing clothes by a tap. She told
me she washed clothes for money. She did not understand English and
was a moslem. Hmmm...How do I preach to a moslem and in the yoruba
language? I remember that not knowing what to do, I asked her if there
was anything she wanted me to pray about. She requested that I pray for
her children. I prayed . In yoruba language. Truth is I stumbled most times as
I do not think I have ever had to pray in yoruba.
We exchanged numbers as I saved my telephone numbers on her phone
and promised to give her a call from time to time. I called her a week later.
It was a pleasant call.

I was having a "not so good" day. One of those days when you feel so
overwhelmed and just wish someone would understand you and not
really say much...just be there.
Madam Mariama's call that day to know how I was doing reminded me
of seeds of care we sow into the lives of people. These seeds give birth.
Whenever, a face or name comes to your mind, to try reach out. It could be
through a call, a text, mail or a silent word of prayer. Somewhere, you will
be putting a smile on someone' face.


Thursday, January 13, 2011


The door sign read "open"
So I walked in.
It certainly did not look like the regular
It was not grand or anything
Just different.
The seats were of a different make.
It was not the fanciful kind
It was made of hard wood.
The type that will hold you anyday.
Plus the load that you carry.

I looked around.
Not many people were here
But the few had this soft look on their faces.
You know, that look, tranquility.
Yes, tranquility.
There was this particular woman
wearing a blue dress.
She was reading a book and had
a drink in front of her.
I looked at her and liked what I saw.
But first of all...
I called the waiter.

A smart looking gentleman waiter
walked up to me.
"What would you like to drink?" he asked
"I would like to have what she is drinking"
I said pointing to the woman in the blue dress
"Oh that. It is the drink of grace. One glass coming up"
It made sense, this is Love Place.