Thursday, June 5, 2014

Life Is An Adventure

Life is beautiful. It is a gift and also a wonderful adventure.
It is possible to be here on earth and not really live. 
I do not mean having everything you have ever wanted.
Neither do I mean been completely content and happy all the time. 
Try to give your all to whatever Godly cause or purpose you believe in.
It is either wholly or nothing at all. 
Take time to pause and enjoy the little things even in the middle of chaos going on within and outside of you. Try not to hate the day before you even step out of the house in the morning. 
Speak to your day, it can hear and trust God to make stepping out everyday worthwhile. 
You do not have to experience everything out there. Not all paths are yours to take. 
Some risk are worth taking. Sometimes you will make mistakes. Get up and continue with your life. 
People will pass through your life. Like the flow of a stream, some will look for something in you to hold on to, whether good or bad. Others might just come and go, like they were never there. 
Think of the next man. Let your heart be open to the needs of others. Your bronze is another man's gold. Let God use you to meet a need. Go on adventure with God. Climb through mountains with Him. Watch Him slay strongholds in your life. Let Him lead you through doors without having to turn the lock. Marvel as He makes a way where there seemed to be no way. I tell you, life is an adventure.