Friday, December 18, 2009

Fine Things

I made a mental list of some items I needed for the yuletide. A bag or two, black flats, a day dress for christmas morning.......on and on the list went. Problem was i did not have enough cash to get all these items. So what to do? No idea.

I decided to unclutter my wadrobe a few days ago and i made some amazing discoveries. Had two shirts hanging in there that I got exactly this time last year that I never got to wear. I was saving them for that "special occassion" that obviously never came. I realised I had some stuff that were waiting for the right moment to be used. I had a lot of fine things that were just lying there...wasting...

Why must I have a reason to dress up? Am I not "a reason enough" to do so.

How many of us have things, family, friends, relationships that are just lying there. We are waiting for that special occassion before we dust them and "use" them. Do not wait for a "special reason". Wear those beautiful clothes, jewellry, shoes etc. Do something nice for people you love. Take the kids out. Buy people gifts.It could be something small. Please use those plates and why can't you and the family eat from those expensive china?

Please do not save your fine things.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look UP!

I know certain things have not gone as planned.
Some of us have been scrapping and scavenging
Longing for validation from someone..anyone
Already waiting for the next paycheck
And it is not even 15th yet..
Wondering if we would ever reach that mark
Be that somebody that we want to be..
Some of us have, but there is still emptiness...
But, we have a choice to look up.
There is someone up there
Waiting for a glance from His beloved
"Look up at Me, Look up to Me...Just look up!"
When was the last time you did?
Your "looking up" could be a word of thanks,
or even an embarrasing David dance,
a resounding laughter, a blessing to someone
a referral, a smile, a shout, a cry, a roll on the floor
We all Know He deserves a lot more...
Whatever it is, whenever you can.. "Look Up"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Shoes. Ever wondered what the world would look like if shoes never existed. We would all be parading the earth bare feeted!
They complement our dress sense and for most, they hide a multitude of sins or not so good features: chipped nail polish, uneven toe nails, uneven toes,long shovel like nails....

Shoes remind me of the fact that for every occassion, there is a shoe. The wedges, stilletos, flats, trainers, etc.. Just like for every role in life. As a man: in the office, the boss shoe or the subordinate shoe, at home: the priest shoe, husband shoe, lover shoe, father shoe, provider shoe
As the woman: in the market, the seller shoe,the buyer shoe, at home: the mummy shoe, lover shoe, helper shoe,etc.

We hate some shoes while we absolutely love some. Some we have over worn, others we wear out of compulsion. We take care of some while we also are mean to others. Take care of all your shoes while you still have them. Play your roles properly while you are still needed. Remember some shoes cannot be mended. Suedes hate moisture just as patents dread heat!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009


My experiment. Each of these pictures were taken by me using my regular nokia camera phone. I think i had started toying with the photography idea at this point. Funny how life evolves. I always saw myself as a desk person. Now, i cannot seat still! Still have a lot to do. I was going through a fellow photogarpher's blog and i was looking at the photography jobs he posted, and i said to myself "This is me someday....very soon". Visit his site if you can
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Mr. Mine

I will memorise your face
the shape of your nose
the curve of those lips
your piercing eyes
those ever listening ears
i will memorise.....
so when you are not here
my memories will keep me
because i will remember.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Year End Blues...

It is almost a month to christmas and that dreaded feeling at the end of the year is here again.
Not the fear of the "ember" months but...the feeling that the year is over and lists of targets for the year still has pending issues on it.

My lists kind of evolved during the year. I quit my job. That was part of the plan. Got into and out of a particular relationship. Not part of the plan. Strange year it has been. Good strange and not so good strange.

I am happy that so far, I was able to do some of the unexpected...of me...if i must say so myself....not telling...i know what i mean..

So, I am not scared of the year end. Somethings can still happen. That money will still come, those connectons can still be made, Mr Right could still surface , some wrongs can be made right. There is still time. There is still today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I read a piece somewhere this week which said when God takes something from you, it is because He wants to give you something better. I wonder how true that is? What if you wonder if there can anything be better than what was taken? But, i guess there is always a better job, a better car, a better woman, a better house.....better than the good that was taken.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rantings of a new blogger

I have been accused of being a better communicator in black and white than with words...
Wonder what that says about me....

I want to be clean inside
Be able to stand before you
Without fear or regret
Of the foolish, stupid, dirty
Thoughts I have had...
I want to be clean inside.