Monday, August 13, 2012


I have restless feet,
I want to go somewhere
Eager to hear music play
I want to sway to a lovesong
I really want to dance.
Someday, soon not alone
For now I will dance
Even if I hear no music.


Thursday, August 2, 2012


I attended a women's program recently. During one of the sessions, we were told to hold hands, two by two and look into the eyes of the person whose hands you were holding. I have issues maintaining eye contact with people. Take a glance and look away. That is what I do. I remember the much older woman whose hands I was holding telling me it was not so difficult. With time I would get used to it. After a while we prayed for each other. The words just flowed in prayer. It felt good.

As a woman, if you saw me ( a fellow woman) for the first time, would you judge me without even speaking to me? Do I get a tag because of what I have on or the fact that I do not look a certain way on the day you laid eyes on me? Would I use the challenge you are passing through to describe you?
Would I ask my fellow married sisters to be wary of you because of the word "single".

As a young woman, would you be willing to learn from an older woman?  Do you know it all? Can you be corrected?

Can women be together in one room and really be what we are...women- womb carriers, midwives, helpers?