Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Yuletide Love Letter

Dear Father,
Your sweet yuletide fragrance from above is
here. The air smells different already.
Thank You for the past 11months.
You have been a great Father. 
Thank You for those big blessings
during the year and the very little ones
that are too numerous to mention.
Thank You for Nigeria. Your plans for us
are good. Thank You for the wonderful
people You sent into our lives this year.
Thank You for dreams that have began.
Thank You for doors; those You opened
and the doors you shut on our behalf.
We bless You for supernatural supplies.
Thank You for those divine interruptions.
Thank You for those days and nights,
rains and sunshine. We thank You for growth.
The list is endless…………………………………..
Most of all thank You for the
Birth of Jesus.
Merry Christmas FATHER.