Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is This Me?

  • I stylishly drop an item of trash on the floor.
  • I cannot resist a glance at my reflection in a glass.
  • I daydream during church sermons.
  • I meet someone for the first time and I do a quick scan;clothes, bags, shoes.Check!
  • I constantly imagine myself sitting in my boss's chair.
  • I pay my tithes after deducting my expenses.
  • I know its over... but I do not want to move on.
  • I do not feel beautiful.
  • I look at someone's spouse and "wish you were mine"
  • I am haunted by babies I wish I had.
  • I always look at the clock.
  • I am not making eternal investments.
  • I think it is too late.
  • I never take a risk.
  • I am living a false life.