Thursday, November 17, 2011

What surrounds you?

It is common knowledge that the people you surround yourself with often reflects in the way you see and live your life. I have understood that better in the past few years.

I have friends. I think I have made more friends in the past few years.I have some major influences in my life.There is a special friend  who tells me the truth, even though it hurts me and we probably will not exchange words for a few days till I cool off! There is one who knows my dream and gives me the opportunity to express it even if she has to come to me to do that! Some make me smile. Others make me think. Some make me go on my knees. Some make me work. Some just want to talk! A senior friend has taught me how important physical presentation is. I know I started dressing up better after I met her.She also hates mediocrity. I appreciate what I have because of some. I have taken a leap of faith with some.

I hear lifting words week after week where I worship. These days I see things differently. I have a green mentality. I now know what is important. Very different from what is urgent. I now view serving differently. Now, I am glad to go to God's house. I am also answerable to certain people there.I do not like it sometimes but it puts me in check!

This is me. What surrounds you?