Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Yuletide Love Letter

Dear Father,
Your sweet yuletide fragrance from above is
here. The air smells different already.
Thank You for the past 11months.
You have been a great Father. 
Thank You for those big blessings
during the year and the very little ones
that are too numerous to mention.
Thank You for Nigeria. Your plans for us
are good. Thank You for the wonderful
people You sent into our lives this year.
Thank You for dreams that have began.
Thank You for doors; those You opened
and the doors you shut on our behalf.
We bless You for supernatural supplies.
Thank You for those divine interruptions.
Thank You for those days and nights,
rains and sunshine. We thank You for growth.
The list is endless…………………………………..
Most of all thank You for the
Birth of Jesus.
Merry Christmas FATHER.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Friend Reconnect Miracle.

I was reading Buky Ojelabi's post on Friends on a couple of days ago and It got me wondering how I have been treating friends in my life. What kind of friend have I been really?
Like most people, I have lost contact with some friends who have made impact in my life. The cold hands of death snatched one of them a short while ago. I had not spoken to him in a while and I remember wishing we had created more memories than we had...

This post is about the "friend reconnect miracle"  I had last night. Bolanle and I were close in school. She changed schools and somehow we lost contact. Over the years, I always felt I did not handle certain aspects of our relationship properly. I looked for her, asked mutual friends then but no one seemed to have any information about where I could find her. I have been carrying a feeling of guilt concerning her for years and always wondered if I will ever get a second chance at our friendship.

Until last night. I was thinking about how to handle a particular issue and I was complaining to my sister, when my phone rings. After 11yrs, I get to hear Bolanle's voice again. We spoke on the phone for a while and I sent her a FB friend request. Bolanle is now on my friend list just as I am on hers. This was my highest point yesterday.

Now, the issue I was bothering about is still there,but this morning I want to thank God for my Friend Reconnect Miracle, which is the answer to a prayer request so long ago. God knows what He is doing. You might have forgotten, but He has not.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Margaret Oluwafunmilayo Adeyinka (10/01/1953 - 13/10/1996)

The sound of those tiny feet
Have become footsteps of adults
Though you are not here
We all wish you were

Days have turned months now
And those months have become years
Some things we try to remember
Others we wish we could forget

Your voice sometimes still echoes
Calling away from too much play
You made sure we knew then
It was necessary to obey

Your children are all grown now
Be assured where you are
That though we cannot see mom
We act like yours that we are.

Tola (2008)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do I trust God? Of course I do. I mean He has brought me this far. I trust his choices. He also has ways of making things come together for me. He is after all the master planner.
He is interested in everything that concerns me and that includes the man I would eventually marry. He has plans for my life. Specific plans and He has told me so. He knows I need someone who will enhance those plans. I am also needed to fulfill the purpose of my future mate. He knows that together, we will bring glory to His name and not shame Him.
I believe that because I love God, He will make things work together for my good. He will create opportunities, circumstances and sometimes give specific instructions to me and people who are somehow connected to my life to bring this purpose to pass.
God is the best judge of character. Therefore He will help me find a suitable partner. The person that God will match me with will compliment me in so many ways. His strengths will cover my weaknesses and vice versa.   I have to understand that God’s match for me can never be a perfect person. Therefore I am not to look out for perfection in my future mate. It exists in no one. Instead His match for me will be perfect for me.
What do I have to do in all of this? Seek God first as well as His righteousness, every other thing will be added unto me. Set my heart on His work and I will likely find a mate who also has his heart set on God. I have to relate with people and make myself someone who can be matched by God.

Tola (11/08/2010)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday, if I could,
I'd bring you back.
Will say those things
I was always afraid to say.
Will write that letter.
Will enjoy the moments.
Will make that call.
Will end a grudge.
Will speak my mind.
Will take a chance.
Will go visiting.
Will love someone.
Are these regrets?
Not really. Just a reminder.
I must not say all these Tomorrow


Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Too Will Pass

Yesterday, I had to sit at God's feet. Been a while since I did that. I did not have words. They would not be enough. Because He knows just how confused I am right now. I hate being confused...

I put my head on His knee. "I have not been able to pray"  I said. " really pray".

So, today that I finally get to be here, these are the words I long to say.

" I know there is a long road ahead of me. I know You promised to always be there. But what do I do at times such as these. When I feel I am stuck at a point. When I cannot see beyond what is in front of me. When things seem to be happening and passing me by. When I give and do not get back. When I love but things just do not work out. When my best does not feel good enough. When...when...when..."     

I look up at Him and hear those words still.

This too will pass.


Monday, July 19, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been interesting in my life. I have learnt some lessons and I want to share:

1. Not everyone will get it.
2. Sometimes the people who mind do not matter and the people who matter do not mind.
3. "No" is not such a terrible word.
4. Words spoken out loud are usually a reflection of the thoughts in our head.
5. Create boundaries in relationships.
6. Do not let people confine you to a space and then humiliate you.
7. Learn to share.
8. Follow God's simple instructions.
9. Guard your heart with all diligence. Be careful who you let in.
10.Some things are allowed but not all of them will benefit you.
11.Some people are meant to be links in your life. Recognize them.
12. When you are confused, run to God.
13. It is okay to cry sometimes.
14. Do not share your dreams with everyone.
15. Your giving is tested when you do not have.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


People say so much is wrong with this country,
I agree.
Th events in the past few days have not made things better.
Fighting at a session of the House of Representatives..
Normal sight..we are used to it.
The Super Eagles disappointed us.
A lot of swear words have been released on them since this happened.
But..this does not change a fact.
You and I are still Nigerians.
If you are like me, and you believe your wealth is in this nation...
If you believe that you and generations after you will eat the good of this land...
If you know that you know that you know that even when there is lack in the land, you will experience a bountiful harvest... had better start praying for Nigeria.
Speak the positive concerning this country. Trust me God did not "throw" you here by mistake. If you are a Nigerian, then you were meant to be one.
Remember..with words we either tear down or build up. Which are you doing?
Are you proudly Nigerian?



The year is almost half way gone.
What have I done for you Lord?
Whose life have I made worthwhile?
Have I been blessed and not been a blessing?
Have I been a bucket instead of a fountain?
Have I been nourishing my spirit?
Am I kingdom minded?
Am I living like I will never leave here?
Am I making impact?
Do I understand the power of relationships?
Have I been eating my seed?
Are my tithes on my feet as shoes?
Are my offerings hanging in my wardrobe as clothes?
Am I a person others will follow?
Can I still recognize Your voice?
What kind of future am I painting?
Is my life Your message?
Am I still yours?
…What am I doing?

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Different thoughts have been going through my mind. 
It is easy to feel intimidated by what looks larger than you.
Larger people, larger homes, larger personalities. Just large! And you wonder..?
I seem to have forgotten...So this is a reminder
I am not like everyone.  I know what drives me to get out of bed each morning. I know what my bed looks like.You know yours too. What works for you ( which is permissible) might be difficult for me to swallow. This does not make me inferior, substandard  or second class.
I might not live in your mansion. But I have a home.
I might not eat what and where you do. But I eat all the same.
You might stand than I am. But I am standing also.
Just remember, we are unequal today.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Like most women, I have issues with my hair. Decided to have a particular "look" which necessitated going to the open market to have it done.
Got there early enough and got down to the business of the day. It was a Saturday and there were a lot of children in the market who wanted to have new hair dos for the coming week.
A child came into the stall I was having my hair done.A lot of hair makers were there including one who specialized in children hair dos.This lovely looking little girl had all her stuff with her including lunch from one of the eatries around. A drink was included. Mamma had to quickly rush off somewhere, so the hair maker was to make her hair and ensure that she eats lunch.This girl by my guess should be 3years old.
In between cries of the child and the making of the hair, the hair maker repeatedly drank from the child's juice can and returned it to her. Her reason? The mother should know that she was to cater for two! i just did not get it!
Now, I looked at this woman. A typical market woman look. No offense.I looked at the child. Typical well pampered "issue". I suddenly felt pity for the mother and that which she does not know.

My advice: When you have to leave your kids to make their hair, have a hair cut and other related matters, make sure there is someone who has your interest at heart sitting next to them. The best person most times Look after what is yours.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


“Do you know where your children are?”

This is a line from a movie I saw recently. This question brought back some memories of growing up. Things were not so complicated back then. Family members really had time for each other. The economy was better and our parents especially the mothers did not have to be away from home for too long. That was then.

Fast forward to about twenty five years later. Change has to occur. We all have to cope with these changes and adjust our lives accordingly. A better job with more money might translate to longer working hours. Away from home. Away from the children. Those hours in between the mornings when you leave home and the evenings when everyone reconvenes, do you know what your children have done? Do you know where they have been? Do you know what experiences they must have had?

We cannot be everywhere, every time with them. We can only pray that God watches over them in and out of our presence. It is important that we look out for little things. Very important things. Know your children’s schedule. Be familiar with their friends. Watch the movies that they watch. Approve or disapprove of clothes that they wear. Ask them how their day was. How many of us have children in the university and we do not know where they lay their heads at night? Which hostel is your daughter in? What does your ten year old son watch on television? What kind of books are your teenagers reading? What kind of extra moral classes do your kids attend? Who screens what they have access to on the internet? What are they doing with their mobile phones?

How many of us can authoritatively say we know where our children are 70% of the time? Remember you are accountable. When a child turns out right, everyone praises the parents. They also bear the brunt of unruly behaviour of their children. You might not have enough time to spend with them daily, but when you do, observe, listen and learn. Certain things might be going wrong under your nose. Correct them while you still can.

Remember children are gifts from the Lord. He will ask you what you have done with yours. Enjoy your family life.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Whose Shoes are you wearing?

Imagine having to walk all day, everywhere bare footed! What a funny sight we would all make. Not to metion the bruises our soles will all suffer in the process. Thank God for shoes. They help to compliment our dress sense and for some of us, they hide what we see as our "imperfections".

When I see different kinds of shoes, certain things come to my mind. Roles in life. Our shoes represent certain roles we play in life. We all want to make sure that shoes we wear fit our feet. No use buying a size 40 when I know I am actually a size 39. Somehow, we do not apply this same wisdom to other facets of our life.

So I ask. Whose shoes are you wearing? Are you wearing the "member of the congregation" shoe instead of the worker shoe?Are you sitting at a desk frustrated and unfufilled when you know and God has spoken that you are supposed to be elsewhere?Are you trying to fit into circles that you know you have no business being in? The truth is most of us are acting out scripts meant for someone else. We are living out the lives of the next person. We are wishing we are Mr. A and he is also wishing he is Mr. B.

I ask again, whose shoes are you wearing?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dead Leaves.

Few days ago,I was outside sweeping leaves that fell off the tree in the next compound. They somehow find their way into ours. Dead leaves. These leaves have to fall off for the new ones to to grow.

Currently, I am creating space in my life...for different things and different people and different experiences. But there is limited space..for most good things in life. Therefore, certain things have oulived their usefulness...they have turned brown. Thus...I am letting them fall off so that those new leaves can grow properly...but the cycle continues...

Instead, I think I would concentrate on the branches, the root..that will always be there season after season. Leaves come and go. Know what is important. Let the dead leaves go. Another will come.