Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Too Will Pass

Yesterday, I had to sit at God's feet. Been a while since I did that. I did not have words. They would not be enough. Because He knows just how confused I am right now. I hate being confused...

I put my head on His knee. "I have not been able to pray"  I said. " really pray".

So, today that I finally get to be here, these are the words I long to say.

" I know there is a long road ahead of me. I know You promised to always be there. But what do I do at times such as these. When I feel I am stuck at a point. When I cannot see beyond what is in front of me. When things seem to be happening and passing me by. When I give and do not get back. When I love but things just do not work out. When my best does not feel good enough. When...when...when..."     

I look up at Him and hear those words still.

This too will pass.



  1. it sure will. it always does, 'cos we're not done until we are what he wants us to be.

  2. That was so simple and heartfelt. I pray it is well with you. Take care.