Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do I trust God? Of course I do. I mean He has brought me this far. I trust his choices. He also has ways of making things come together for me. He is after all the master planner.
He is interested in everything that concerns me and that includes the man I would eventually marry. He has plans for my life. Specific plans and He has told me so. He knows I need someone who will enhance those plans. I am also needed to fulfill the purpose of my future mate. He knows that together, we will bring glory to His name and not shame Him.
I believe that because I love God, He will make things work together for my good. He will create opportunities, circumstances and sometimes give specific instructions to me and people who are somehow connected to my life to bring this purpose to pass.
God is the best judge of character. Therefore He will help me find a suitable partner. The person that God will match me with will compliment me in so many ways. His strengths will cover my weaknesses and vice versa.   I have to understand that God’s match for me can never be a perfect person. Therefore I am not to look out for perfection in my future mate. It exists in no one. Instead His match for me will be perfect for me.
What do I have to do in all of this? Seek God first as well as His righteousness, every other thing will be added unto me. Set my heart on His work and I will likely find a mate who also has his heart set on God. I have to relate with people and make myself someone who can be matched by God.

Tola (11/08/2010)


  1. Hmmm, Tola... Great reproduction of your thoughts... God will bring it all to pass. And it is definitely until you begin to seek God first... I know you are already doing that.

  2. Well said maam.....it is good to know what to do with the wait. It makes it totally worth it. Wishing us all, God's best always. Cheers.

  3. Thanks for your feedback on my book, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I pray you will get the answer to your prayers soon, God is faithful indeed.

  4. Tola, You have the right attitude and your focus is firmly on God which is No.1. God will grant you the desire of your heart and He knows what is best for you and you will be blown away when he turn up finally.

    Marriage is wonderful with the chosen one. I am a living testimony of that.