Friday, November 26, 2010

Friend Reconnect Miracle.

I was reading Buky Ojelabi's post on Friends on a couple of days ago and It got me wondering how I have been treating friends in my life. What kind of friend have I been really?
Like most people, I have lost contact with some friends who have made impact in my life. The cold hands of death snatched one of them a short while ago. I had not spoken to him in a while and I remember wishing we had created more memories than we had...

This post is about the "friend reconnect miracle"  I had last night. Bolanle and I were close in school. She changed schools and somehow we lost contact. Over the years, I always felt I did not handle certain aspects of our relationship properly. I looked for her, asked mutual friends then but no one seemed to have any information about where I could find her. I have been carrying a feeling of guilt concerning her for years and always wondered if I will ever get a second chance at our friendship.

Until last night. I was thinking about how to handle a particular issue and I was complaining to my sister, when my phone rings. After 11yrs, I get to hear Bolanle's voice again. We spoke on the phone for a while and I sent her a FB friend request. Bolanle is now on my friend list just as I am on hers. This was my highest point yesterday.

Now, the issue I was bothering about is still there,but this morning I want to thank God for my Friend Reconnect Miracle, which is the answer to a prayer request so long ago. God knows what He is doing. You might have forgotten, but He has not.


  1. Hmmmm, what kind of friend have I been? Lord help me to be a better friend!

  2. I hope am able to finally track down one of my friends from back in the day. Her name is Wuraola Ogunbanjo, we lost track after secondary school but I wonder what she is up to. We were very good friends and I look forward to the day we reconnect again.

    I am so happy that you are back in touch with Bolanle, enjoy your new girlfriend.