Friday, November 6, 2009

Year End Blues...

It is almost a month to christmas and that dreaded feeling at the end of the year is here again.
Not the fear of the "ember" months but...the feeling that the year is over and lists of targets for the year still has pending issues on it.

My lists kind of evolved during the year. I quit my job. That was part of the plan. Got into and out of a particular relationship. Not part of the plan. Strange year it has been. Good strange and not so good strange.

I am happy that so far, I was able to do some of the unexpected...of me...if i must say so myself....not telling...i know what i mean..

So, I am not scared of the year end. Somethings can still happen. That money will still come, those connectons can still be made, Mr Right could still surface , some wrongs can be made right. There is still time. There is still today.

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