Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Shoes. Ever wondered what the world would look like if shoes never existed. We would all be parading the earth bare feeted!
They complement our dress sense and for most, they hide a multitude of sins or not so good features: chipped nail polish, uneven toe nails, uneven toes,long shovel like nails....

Shoes remind me of the fact that for every occassion, there is a shoe. The wedges, stilletos, flats, trainers, etc.. Just like for every role in life. As a man: in the office, the boss shoe or the subordinate shoe, at home: the priest shoe, husband shoe, lover shoe, father shoe, provider shoe
As the woman: in the market, the seller shoe,the buyer shoe, at home: the mummy shoe, lover shoe, helper shoe,etc.

We hate some shoes while we absolutely love some. Some we have over worn, others we wear out of compulsion. We take care of some while we also are mean to others. Take care of all your shoes while you still have them. Play your roles properly while you are still needed. Remember some shoes cannot be mended. Suedes hate moisture just as patents dread heat!
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