Monday, January 18, 2010

Whose Shoes are you wearing?

Imagine having to walk all day, everywhere bare footed! What a funny sight we would all make. Not to metion the bruises our soles will all suffer in the process. Thank God for shoes. They help to compliment our dress sense and for some of us, they hide what we see as our "imperfections".

When I see different kinds of shoes, certain things come to my mind. Roles in life. Our shoes represent certain roles we play in life. We all want to make sure that shoes we wear fit our feet. No use buying a size 40 when I know I am actually a size 39. Somehow, we do not apply this same wisdom to other facets of our life.

So I ask. Whose shoes are you wearing? Are you wearing the "member of the congregation" shoe instead of the worker shoe?Are you sitting at a desk frustrated and unfufilled when you know and God has spoken that you are supposed to be elsewhere?Are you trying to fit into circles that you know you have no business being in? The truth is most of us are acting out scripts meant for someone else. We are living out the lives of the next person. We are wishing we are Mr. A and he is also wishing he is Mr. B.

I ask again, whose shoes are you wearing?

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