Friday, May 28, 2010


Like most women, I have issues with my hair. Decided to have a particular "look" which necessitated going to the open market to have it done.
Got there early enough and got down to the business of the day. It was a Saturday and there were a lot of children in the market who wanted to have new hair dos for the coming week.
A child came into the stall I was having my hair done.A lot of hair makers were there including one who specialized in children hair dos.This lovely looking little girl had all her stuff with her including lunch from one of the eatries around. A drink was included. Mamma had to quickly rush off somewhere, so the hair maker was to make her hair and ensure that she eats lunch.This girl by my guess should be 3years old.
In between cries of the child and the making of the hair, the hair maker repeatedly drank from the child's juice can and returned it to her. Her reason? The mother should know that she was to cater for two! i just did not get it!
Now, I looked at this woman. A typical market woman look. No offense.I looked at the child. Typical well pampered "issue". I suddenly felt pity for the mother and that which she does not know.

My advice: When you have to leave your kids to make their hair, have a hair cut and other related matters, make sure there is someone who has your interest at heart sitting next to them. The best person most times Look after what is yours.

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  1. Very correct, no one can do it better but you, I can imagine the innocence of the little girl who wouldn't know anything was amiss and of course wont report the incident.

    U know when I saw the title, my mind kind of did a quick fast forward, thought u were talking about looking after ur spouse (nd I guess u know why I would be thnkn like this especially at this time). Whichever way, ur kids, ue spouse or your property there is nothn as good as doing the job ur sef.

    I can just imagine!