Friday, March 18, 2011

Madam Mariama

The woman greeted me on the phone in the native yoruba language.
It was a strange number and I did not know w ho it was.
Then she introduced herself. I had her number on my other phone.
Some weeks ago, the workers in my church had gone on evangelism
close to our church vicinity.
I had spoken to a woman who was washing clothes by a tap. She told
me she washed clothes for money. She did not understand English and
was a moslem. Hmmm...How do I preach to a moslem and in the yoruba
language? I remember that not knowing what to do, I asked her if there
was anything she wanted me to pray about. She requested that I pray for
her children. I prayed . In yoruba language. Truth is I stumbled most times as
I do not think I have ever had to pray in yoruba.
We exchanged numbers as I saved my telephone numbers on her phone
and promised to give her a call from time to time. I called her a week later.
It was a pleasant call.

I was having a "not so good" day. One of those days when you feel so
overwhelmed and just wish someone would understand you and not
really say much...just be there.
Madam Mariama's call that day to know how I was doing reminded me
of seeds of care we sow into the lives of people. These seeds give birth.
Whenever, a face or name comes to your mind, to try reach out. It could be
through a call, a text, mail or a silent word of prayer. Somewhere, you will
be putting a smile on someone' face.



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  2. Lovely blog...
    I love the fact that even though u stumbled u still prayed for the lady is yoruba. Very courageous.
    Take care and continue putting a smile on peoples faces.