Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look UP!

I know certain things have not gone as planned.
Some of us have been scrapping and scavenging
Longing for validation from someone..anyone
Already waiting for the next paycheck
And it is not even 15th yet..
Wondering if we would ever reach that mark
Be that somebody that we want to be..
Some of us have, but there is still emptiness...
But, we have a choice to look up.
There is someone up there
Waiting for a glance from His beloved
"Look up at Me, Look up to Me...Just look up!"
When was the last time you did?
Your "looking up" could be a word of thanks,
or even an embarrasing David dance,
a resounding laughter, a blessing to someone
a referral, a smile, a shout, a cry, a roll on the floor
We all Know He deserves a lot more...
Whatever it is, whenever you can.. "Look Up"

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