Friday, December 18, 2009

Fine Things

I made a mental list of some items I needed for the yuletide. A bag or two, black flats, a day dress for christmas morning.......on and on the list went. Problem was i did not have enough cash to get all these items. So what to do? No idea.

I decided to unclutter my wadrobe a few days ago and i made some amazing discoveries. Had two shirts hanging in there that I got exactly this time last year that I never got to wear. I was saving them for that "special occassion" that obviously never came. I realised I had some stuff that were waiting for the right moment to be used. I had a lot of fine things that were just lying there...wasting...

Why must I have a reason to dress up? Am I not "a reason enough" to do so.

How many of us have things, family, friends, relationships that are just lying there. We are waiting for that special occassion before we dust them and "use" them. Do not wait for a "special reason". Wear those beautiful clothes, jewellry, shoes etc. Do something nice for people you love. Take the kids out. Buy people gifts.It could be something small. Please use those plates and why can't you and the family eat from those expensive china?

Please do not save your fine things.

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